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September 14-19th 2023 on The Big Island of Hawaii ⟡ 

6 days in Hawaii to relax your mind and awaken your Soul.

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Join us for a 6-day immersion on The Big Island of Hawaii to calm your nervous system, relax your mind, and Awaken your soul. 

This retreat is all-inclusive, allowing you to simply BE and experience the magic and beauty that arises in each present moment.

Through daily workshops and sacred community, this retreat is designed to activate your power and call forth the divine nature that already exists within you.

What's Included...

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Meet Your Facilitators...

alyse parker

At her core, Alyse is a change maker, dedicated to leading the way towards a brighter future for all of us. 

On her path to support others in feeling safe, seen, and uplifted, Alyse has attracted a community of more than 700,000 humans around the world who all share the knowing that we are conscious creators of our reality.

Alyse is a dreamer and a doer — Gifted with precision, inner knowing, and the ability to bring the intangible into tangible form. Her lighthearted spirit and wisdom beyond her years bring forth an easeful environment for awakening and expansion.

Hosting retreats in Hawaii is Alyse's chosen way to support community with deepening presence and making conscious life upgrades.  (( this is retreat #10 ))

felicia gualda

Felicia is an Energetic Mentor who offers healing transmissions, energetic activations, and a unique style of intuitive coaching to awaken your innate power of self-mastery — in life, relationships, and business. 

You could deem her approach one of practical spirituality — artfully weaving together the worlds of mysticism, emotional mastery, mindfulness, and subtle energy awareness with real world situations and daily life experiences.  

Her heart is devoted to supporting healers, coaches, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, and those ready to claim radical ownership over their lives by reminding them how to embody their true essence, heal from within, and live their soul mission into the world with ease and abundance.

Awaken your true power.

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Our shared intention...


⟡ To create a warm and embracing atmosphere that cultivates a deep sense of belonging, inter-connection, and self-empowerment.

⟡ To share the transformative power of loving awareness when directed inward toward all parts of self and outward to all aspects of life.

⟡ To build a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the present moment and deepen an internal trust in divine support.

⟡ To guide you in carrying the magic you uncover through this retreat forward into your day-to-day life to stabilize in your new reality. 

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